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Harness the Future of AI & Data

Turn Your Data into Gold. 

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We are data, tech & business savvy!

The three pillars of our understanding are AI & Data Science, Business drivers and Software tools.

Machine Learning & AI Development

We develop and scale custom AI solutions for product or business process problems.

Data & Software Engineering

We generate data pipelines through internal and public datasets using complex simulations, scraping and data merging, integrating AI models with the client’s software stack.

Data Science & Analytics

 Through advanced analytics and Data Science methodologies we discover, visualize and understand your data to identify key opportunities to improve KPIs.

Data Strategy & Consulting

We conduct a comprehensive review of your organization's data practices and provide tailored recommendations to improve efficiency using AI.

Empowering Data-Driven Success

We are an elite team of business-savvy advanced analytics and AI experts. We come into your business as AI Commandos to quickly uncover existing growth and optimization opportunities hidden in collected data. Then we develop and execute customized MVPs, AI solutions and strategy to accelerate your business results in the short to medium term.

In order to deliver best results for our clients we collaborate with an extensive local and international network of researchers and developers tailored to the needs of every project.

Meet the Team

Our core team members have PhD-level academic background in data science, statistics and machine learning paired with business experience and knowledge across industries. We work with an extended network of machine learning researchers, data engineers and software developers. 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We don’t expect you to know how your company can benefit from data and AI. That’s our job!

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